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8th July 2013

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Sample portfolio pages? I don’t know if the backdrop is distracting or not. I just need halp.

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  2. thefxlady said: I think that the background color is so bright is a bit distracting. Especially on the last page. I know gray is boring but I would almost say tone it down to an almost gray so that it is less distracting.
  3. bulletproofteacup said: i dunno about you, but i like. wow!
  4. foxesforsale said: I only find it distracting in the third image…
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  6. thewonderginger said: I like it. Ithink its a great color aand I like how its not really bordering and that drawings are coming off of it.
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  8. grimchild said: Needs more explosions
  9. bad--sheep said: I think the backdrop looks great, though the backgrounds could use something else instead.
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  11. steeledart said: On the one hand I think it works, on the other I’d almost say you don’t need it? I would almost lean toward using round shapes for your backdrop, particularly as there’s not a whole lot of breathing room with the rectangles. I dunno though….
  12. animationtidbits said: the backdrop is fine, but perhaps, since most of these pieces have green in them, you should make it a bit less saturated and cooler to make it feel more backgroundy
  13. zulayawolf said: I think the backdrop is nice! It really helps tie things together - especially in that first image. I don’t know much about making portfolios in the professional world, but if you wanted a little variation you could change the backdrop color in each?
  14. alonza-alzimora said: I think the background helps make your artwork pop out more. It is more interesting than if you just left it blank.
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